Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First post

Here's to my first post! Never really thought I'd get one of these. But man, I hate clicking on those letters when I post on a friend's blog, so I hope this will make it so I don't have to do that. Not sure if it'll fix that or not. If it doesn't, well, I guess I'll end up with a new hobby about my hobby!

Anyhow, if you've found this blog, I guess you might be wondering about this title. It has a corny story. My neighbors often joke about me owning a scrapbook store while we're sitting around a fire pit. (Scary idea when you realize how many have gone under, so that's not a reality for me any time soon.) Anyhow, they always tell me the name should be "Scrap and Crap!" I have to say, I think it's sweet of my neighbors to think of my artwork so highly, because I find so many talented people on line showcasing things that I can only dream of making. But I love my scrapbooks. Proudly, my kids love the books I've created for them. I hope you enjoy seeing what I create for them.