Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How funny is life?

No card today. But funny evening for me. So, my washer's been acting up for about 6 months at least. There's been some issues with the piece that gets pushed down from the lid, that more or less controls the timer changes. I've been able to work around it by pushing on the lid in a certain spot, and stuff like that. Sept it got a little more ornery, but I figured Congress is gonna get that Rebates for old appliances up, so I'll get a new one than. Never wait on Congress....right? Well, it got really bad this past week, where I was able to rig it with a screwdriver down the hold, and put the lid down to keep the screwdriver in place. This worked well on Sunday, got all my loads done. Today, it won't work. I've got a few loads to do, and no luck. I had to start standing over the washer, holding the screwdriver down to get the cycles to work. Than my last load of the day, I go to put the screwdriver in, and bam, the flipping piece breaks off. Now, the washer is stuck totally full of water, with 4 throw blankets, just sitting waiting to go to the next cycle.
Here we stop for a moment, because small story in between this one. Maxwell, the 6 month old puppy, and Precious, the 14 year old cranky cat, are coming together in my bedroom. My butt is by the washer in front of my room. I keep telling him to leave it, and she's hissing like a wild cat at him. He's doppy, innocent doggie, not wanting to hurt her. Keeps going up to her. She's aggressive towards him. She freaking made him pee! Scared the pee out of the boy! Sigh! She's got no claws, and is missing teeth. Really, what can she do to you?!
Get that cleaned up, go back to the washer situation. Meanwhile dinner is started. I stick my finger up the little hole, under the metal frame. Dang it, I got shocked! Really?! How funny is that?!
Moral of my story, don't let the cat and the dog make friends cuz you've got your finger up a hole that'll shock you! And please, be careful not to burn the dinner!
Life is good!


Kim said...

Oh goodness, I've had washer problems, but NEVER this BAD!!!
I hope it all works out for you, and no, you can't wait on the government.
Kim xXx

Rufus said...

I'm sorry, I'm sure you don't see it this way now, but I've got to tell that I did laugh, out loud! I can just see the whole situation from you description. Hope that you get a new washer and soon, never wait for the gov. to do anything except raise your taxes! Knowing, of course, that the day after you do ~ yup, that's when the program will start!

Patti J. said...

Better call that Maytag man they always show on the TV. You poor dear.... so sorry to hear about your day! Gotta admit tho, I did smile a bit through your story! Get some rest... Big hugs!

debbies said...

The government to help? LOL Very funny!
I'm sorry you had such a trying day, but I have to admit I'm laughing my head off right now. Poor little puppy!!!

Tammi said...

Is it bad that I laughed?!! GMBO! I've been in similiar situations with a few of my washers, what is it with those things, but ACK on getting shocked, be careful!!! Too funny about your pets! :)

Michelle said...

Holy Moly - what a day you've had! Sorry to hear about your troubles but have to tell you when I got to the last paragraph I was laughing so hard - you almost made me pee my pants, LOL!!