Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scrapbook Pages.

I've been scrappin and finished some pages. I went on a organization kick last week, and cleaned up my crafting space. So, when I wasn't scrapping, I was cleaning up! And that took some time! But I'm happy to say my desk is still clean after two days! That just about never happens!

My first page is from photos I took of the kids on Mother's Day. Since it was my day, they had to wear what I wanted them to wear, smile when I said smile, and go to where I wanted to take their photos. I took them to a State park that runs along a local river. I think that's the best time I've ever had taking their photos! I think that'll be a new tradition for us! They really did enjoy walking along the river bank too.

I mentioned going Strawberry Picking with the kids and friends. Go figure I had no strawberry paper at home. Worked with what I had in my stash. Probably the best way to go anyways, since my paper keeps expanding....paper packs breed like rabbits! Than after I got my page done, saw all kinds of wonderful strawberry paper in all the stores. I cut my strawberries out with the cricut. Isn't that tool the best? I think I've used it on every page I've created since I got it. Love using it to cut out the titles.

Gabi's dance recital is coming up next month, and I'm behind on her photos from last year. So, finishing up a few routines she'd been in last year. Sadly, her favorite dance instructor left after this recital. She's been around Gabi or taught Gabi since Gabi was 6. So, I had to snap a photo of them-bottom right page. Gabi was heartbroken when she left.

Half the fun for me is trying to catch those things that are part of their lives. My kids whole heartedly love Webkinz. I think everytime Gabi has a few extra bucks in her pocket she has to get another one. I mean, she's got quite a collection already! But she always seems to find one she doesn't have. Last year The Greeting Farm did a Blog Hop, and for it, I'd created a party for their webkinz. Had to make a page for them because I'd done all the work for the 'party'.

All my layouts are from Jeanette's Lynton's books, Cherish, and Imagine. I really can't say enough about these two books. They have really helped me with my layouts, and making my pages more striking. Very cool books. I recommend them to all my friends.


debbies said...

What great pages Anna! I love the strawberry embellishments you used!

Kim said...

Great pages and photos!!! I really love the look of the first set. Those are my kind of colors :)