Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fa La La La!

I hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas Eve. I headed out to mall today for a few last minute things. I love the happy faces out there doing their last minute shopping. There are some grumpy bugs in the bunch, but from working Christmas Eve so many years at CFA, I always loved working that day, and wishing people a Merry Christmas! I found most to be in good spirits, and enjoying the season! .

While I was snapping a photo of something funny that today, I snapped a photo of one of my favorite holiday decorations, pictured above. This was given to me by my future MIL at a Holiday Bridal shower. I'm a big Disney fan, so this was the prefect gift for me! I put it out every year. It reminds me of before Paul and I were married and how romantic the holidays seemed being younger and head over in heels in love. Now, Christmas more about the magic for the kids, and the fun of the holidays. I love Christmas like that too, but do miss those quiet cuddling Christmas with just hubby and myself.

I got a good chuckle out of the mail today! I received some handmade cards in the mail from some Losties. I opened one from Justine, and she sent the TAC Retro Christmas card from a kit that Jeannie had sent in a recent card swap they did with some other Losties. Than I opened a card from Rachel, and it was the same retro Santa kit! I started to laugh! Not sure if they were sending me a message that I've been too grumpy this holiday season! LOL! But how randomly funny is that?! Rachel's card is on the left, Justine's is on the right. Both cards were darling, and used my favorite TAC paper line that had been retired! That is a bah humbug! Loved that paper!

Anyhow, I hope your Christmas celebrations are wonderful tonight, and tomorrow. This evening we'll set out the cookies we baked yesterday, the reindeer food the kids brought home from school, head over to the neighbors for a quiet family evening, and than bring down the stash of toys. Coarse those events aren't listed in order of when we'll be doing them! Tomorrow I'll be awoken early by the squeals of delight from the kids.


Kim said...

Too funny that they send you the Retro Santa! Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Justine said...

I was SO not trying to send you a message with this "bah humbug," Anna. I swear! :)

I just thought you would like this little guy. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Rachel Hope said...

I promise no hidden message was intended!!! I just thought the papers were your style and you of all the LOSTie would enjoy a humorous card!!! :D

Merry Christmas!!!