Friday, December 19, 2008

Two stamp companies were tried in the making of this project!

I've been super busy this week. I was working on finishing up my teachers gifts, and Gabi's very busy with dance stuff. She dances in the Nutcracker tomorrow. Here she is in her costume from the parade. I will follow up with a sweet photo of her in her Nutcracker outfit later. I didn't get a good shot tonight. I got a photo of her in it, but man, she was a mess in it! Put 1 ADHD kid in a white costume + 3 hours of dance time=1 messy looking little girl! Girl had me in stitches when she started telling me what she thought of men in tights!
Back to the crafting....I instantly fell in love with Teacher's apples at Paper Trey. Got it the second I saw it. I had been wanting a set for teachers stuff that wasn't kiddy in nature. The sentiments with this set are perfect! Than the mind started to work, and I came up with a perfect idea for Gabi's teacher. Using the sentiments in this set, I pictured hall passes on coasters, so they would hold up well to the kids little hands. I help with the PTA so I thought, cool, I can even get them laminated too! I didn't want to use the apples for the whole thing, and thought a teacher image with the apples would work well. On the front I wanted to use teacher Bella. I don't know about you all, but I have a local LSS store that sells bellas, so I headed there the next morning to get it. She didn't have her. Bummer!

So, than my next thought went to my friend, Tammi, who had used her in a calendar she made for my pie guru friend for a Lostie swap. I called Kim, had her look at Tammi's blog while chatting with me, Tammi got the image from Danni. Now Danni doesn't know me well, so she's not familiar with my um, bold crazy self! I get in touch with her, asking to trade some images. Isn't it nice to know that crafters are that nice you can just email someone like that?! Anyhow, sweet Danni had gotten the image of a wish list, she didn't have the stamp. I needed so many of them, I didn't want to bother a complete stranger for the images. I than checked to see if I could get it from Bella in time. No such luck-mental note, start earlier next year. Than I start to think about who all makes teacher images. I finally remembered there was one at MFT. Two new stamp companies were tried in the making of this project! LOL! I'm spreading the love around!

Enclosed with the hall passes, I made her a monogrammed set of cards. PTI had the cool the clear boxes that I had almost ordered at another site. Those made the monogrammed cards look so pretty! Plus, it saved me some time making the outer box I had made for the other cards. Than at PTI they had this super cool teacher questionnaire thingie to tell their story thru a journal. I put a nice journal inside for her to write. I printed off that, it even comes with a cool letter explaining it! I cut them, curled them, put them in a little jar I had floating around, decorated it to match the monogrammed cards, and there was a beautiful set for Gabi's teacher. All nice and personalized too! I didn't get to see her open it, but I really hope she enjoyed it!
I used more of the K&Co paper, SU scallop punch, stamps from MFT, CTMH, PTI, Palette ink pads, Lyra water color crayons, clear box from PTI, little jars from Michaels, and scrappers floss in brown.


Tammi said...

You know what stands out to me in that picture?! The "LOST" box! ;) Sorry you had so much trouble finding a teacher stamp, but I think these turned out great with the one you finally got...awesome set! And that picture of Gabi is great, I'm giggling over the men in tights comment!

Kim said...

Oh wow everything turned out so great. You're right those sentiments are perfect and I do love the little apples. I really like the hall pass', that was such a great idea!

Barb said...

Great gift set... well worth all of the trouble you had in finding the stamps!! And the 'men in tights'... that made me giggle... I'm still smiling :)