Monday, May 16, 2011

Cricut Wedding Projects.

I was working on a big project for my niece's wedding. She was married last weekend, the Sat. before mother's day. She was a stunning bride!

I helped her make some of the wedding decorations with my cricut. I showed off her lollipops in this post. Wanted to show off a few other things I helped with, that used the cricut and vinyl.

She needed directional signs, so she sent me the dimension of the signs, and I designed them in Sure Cuts A Lot and cut them out for her. She was married at GA Tech's Alumni hall, which is downtown GA. She was married doors, so the parking, reception and ceremony in the same area, but required walking. The signs where to help guest figure out where to head. (Naturally, I missed the signs when it came to parking until after I passed it!) I was able to mail them to her still on the backing of the vinyl, and she applied them to the sign boards after she painted them.

When she was visiting with me in Jan, when we were making the lollipops, we cut out the monograms for her table center pieces. We used two different fonts, the S was tilted, as the original slanted too much to the E. All she had to do was apply the vinyl to the glass when she had time back at her home. She had about 15 tables set up, and they were filled with pretty cloth flowers, and moss. The little gems were a nice pretty touch too. Very soft and subtle colors. Her wedding colors were gold and black. Extremely elegant, and she did a wonderful job with her vision and applying it. I was proud I was able to help her in the process.

I just wanted to show folks ideas for different things the cricut can do, outside of scrapbooking and cards. I'm so glad to be able to use tools I have to help family and friends with decorating and creating things that are 'theirs'.

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debbies said...

WOW I love the initials on the vases Anna! I have to show this to my daughter. You did such a great job with these projects.