Monday, January 17, 2011

What Do A 120 Lollipops Look Like?

Have you ever seen 120 lollipops not in a grocery store?! My niece is getting married, and her favors are those cute round lollipops. Well, being that I love playing with paper, I threw in an idea as to how to decorate them over Christmas, and helped her make them. We've spent two days working on these party favors. Her colors are gold, black and white. Going with that, and her elegant style, we cut out with the cricut the scallops, circles, than heat embossed the black center with gold embossing powder, and topped that with a gold monogram S. She called it a sweat shop! It took some time to do all those steps to all those pops. Than we added some ribbon and scrappers floss.

They came in boxes. She was gonna spray paint them black, but instead we mod podged the boxes with different papers. Than we decorated them. So, they're all so cute and pretty! She was pleased with them. It was hard keeping Trey away from the pops. All he wanted to do was eat them!

We also cut out their initials on black vinyl. She's having glass candle center pieces, and putting the monograms on them. They looked really sharp. I was really happy to be able to put all this fun stuff I've learned from wonderful crafters everywhere to bring her vision to life. I know it'll be very helpful having it done and out of the way in the coming months.

Gabi was sweet enough to help us cut out scrappers floss for all the lollipops. In between doing that, she decided to take time to make some cards. She made three cards that she wanted to show off. Did all of it on her own. No helping with the brads, ribbon, stickles, and sketches. She pulled from scraps of papers. She helped spray the flowers for Dani with glimmer mist, and she took the extra flowers to put them on her card. Girl loves some bling!


debbies said...

I ADORE this lollipop idea!!!!!!!!!!! So cute Anna!!! The cards are so cute and fun!

Colleen Holmes said...

Anne, the lollipops are adorable! I bet your neice is happy it is all done. Love the cards Gabi made! They are so bright and cheerful, Love looking at them!!

Tammi said...

Gabi's cards are adorable, she does such cute work! And wow on those lollipops, a fun and yummy idea!