Sunday, January 23, 2011

Perfection in frames!

Okay, don't ya just love it when something turns out just like how you picture it? Sometimes turns out even cuter than your expecting?! I had this idea in my head, and gotta say, I'm so happy with how it turned out. I want to go drag it around to my neighbors to show it off!

My Grandma was a painter. She painted cells for Disney's Snow White when it came out waaayyyy back in the day. In her house, she had several pieces of art she'd painted. Some of the more cherished paintings included my Grandfather in his Officer's Navy uniform, my sister as a little girl, she even kept her bangs crooked much to my mom's dismay, Stone Mountain, which was a place we visited often when we came to Atlanta, and other places she loved visiting in the mountains.
My personal favorite was of these darling little southern bell paintings that hung in bathroom. They wore blue southern bell big dresses, hats, little umbrellas, sitting on a rock type of thing. There were two of these plaques that she'd created. I loved looking at them when we'd go visit with her. I was just talking to my mom and sister about them when I visited them at Christmas time. They were a treasured part of my Grandma's artwork. I'm sure all of her granddaughters think of those little paintings fondly.

After getting the Forever Young cartridge for my cricut a few weeks back, I pictured doing something similar with the girls and different pattern papers. I cut out different models, as they're called on the cartridge, and dressed them up in Basic Grey Green At Heart paper pack. I hadn't known where I wanted to put them yet, but thought they were so cute when I was done with my first batch. Than I found a great steal at Target. They had a pack of five frames with the mats in the frames on clearance for 6 bucks. Good deal, right? I snatched them up without thinking what I'd put in the frames. When I got home, I thought the girls I'd cut out would go perfectly in the frames. I had cut my first batch at 4 inches, and the frames had spots for two larger models. I spent today cutting out models and the other clothing articles for the bigger frame. Look at those undies? How stinking cute are they?

Such a fun cartridge. I can it being used for darling wedding invitations, or teen birthday party invites. It even has little purses you can cut out for party favors or little thank you's that you can fill with candies.
I think this was such a fun, darling project! My girls are topped with some gems, and stickles. I've layered up where the cartridge had items to layer. I'm saying I love that machine. I've mastered the layering, and found that as long as you know your size, you can layer perfectly. So, with the girls that were 4 inches, I tell the gypsy to keep the shape the same, and change the part being layered to four inches, and the cricut does it perfectly to be layered. Amazes me how that machine works. For those working on the gypsy, just make sure you have that little chain link in yellow, and it'll keep your proportions correct and enlarge the shapes correctly.
There are tutorials on Provo Craft's website, if you've recently received these products and are confused by what I'm talking about! I was against the gypsy for the longest time when my friend kept talking about it. Now, I'm so glad I have it.


Michelle said...

Oh how cool - this is really neat, Anna!!

debbies said...

What a wonderful story Anna! How cool that your grandmother did work with Disney. Cute pictures!

Tammi said...

So neat about your grandma!! Love what you made!

Kim said...

Great story about your grandma. These turned out super cute!