Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Late Christmas Tradition.

I'm a little late on this project. Normally, I do this with the kids the week we put up the tree. However, I just got this done today, and I packed all the Christmas stuff up! Meant I had to do it before I put the tree skirt up! LOL! Time sure does fly!

I was talking to my friend, Kim, about this a few weeks back, and told her I'd post about it. This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids. I love seeing the hand prints and how much they've grown over the years.
I have told everyone I know with little ones on the way, or recently born little ones, even told my sister who sews, and has daughters recently married, or getting married so she can make them a tree skirt! I grabbed a tree skirt that had a plain bottom. Mine has felt on the underneath side. Looks like a sweater on top. I cover the kids hands in fabric paint, which I found at Michaels. This is very messy when they're little, but so worth it. Than we take their hands covered in the fabric paint and press them on the tree skirt.

I didn't start this until Trey was born. Wish I had thought of it when Gabi was an infant. (This is why I tell everyone with babies on the way, so they can start right away with their hand prints.) I keep Gabi's hands on one side of the skirt and Trey's on the other. Eight years later we have wonderful hand prints of them growing up. I'm thinking I could even keep this going with grandkids later down the road....way later down the road!

Side note, my boy is a crazy chap and totally took off all his cloths. So, just ignore him peaking out of the photo with Gabi. I'm totally not posting the one photo of him that I did take! Crazy boy!


debbies said...

What a wonderful tradition! I'm going to remember this to share with others.

Tammi said...

Great tradition, love it Anna! TFS

Kim said...

Such a sweet tradition. Love seeing all of those handprints!!!

Colleen Holmes said...

What an awesome idea!! I am sending my kids to your site to see it! I am really sad the party is over and hopefully it will come again! hugzzz xoxo

Colleen Holmes said...

Congrats on Flutter by Tuesday!!! I love Danni!