Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Carriages.

I've been so busy, and slacking on my blog posting!  I can't keep up with everything!  The kids are out of school now, so had some free time to get some posts done.  This was a fun project I wanted to show off real quickly.  We have a friend who is having a baby girl in a month or two.  She had her last son over 7 years ago, so not stocked on baby stuff, right?  And she has two sons, so a girl will be entirely different all together!  We came up with a fun theme for her, based on some teasing.  It's a funny story, and I have to share, because it makes the buggies that much funnier! 
A few months back, my sweet friend having the baby turns beat red at the smallest thing, was telling me she had an appt to go too.  I was inquiring where she was going, ya know, she's pregnant, maybe up for a monthly check up.  I didn't honestly think anything of this, and she wouldn't offer up the information easily.  So, I continued, cuz I'm a pill like that.  Finally, she spilled it that she was going to a new person to have her underarms waxed.  Ok, um, OUCH!  Anyhow, that took me to a whole different location on the body.  I had recently watched the Bachlor, where Brad was meeting a Manscaper...ya know waxes male body parts, so anyhow she used the term undercarriage.  Well, that made me giggle.  Than I heard the term somewhere else, and had to tell her this story. 

Now, please picture that we are at a big double table, in the PTA room at our local school surrounded by about 6 ladies.  So, when I say the term undercarriage, this makes my poor friend turn beat red.  Makes me laugh.  So, I would say it to her whenever I could, and would do so often.  I'd text it to her, say it as I walked by...it became a big running joke between the moms, and their spouses. 
Flash forward a few weeks later, a friend asked how my undercarriage was, and had taken a sip of sode.  I replied bushy, which she wasn't expecting and had to spit out her drink! 
All that to say, naturally, we knew our theme as soon as as we decided we wanted to give her a surprise shower!  And yes, I pointed out, do you see the theme here when she arrived.  She said I see a lot of baby carriages...yes, my sweet friend...carriages?!  And red, flushed face soon followed!  I love my friends! 

Anyhow, those of you with die cutting machines at home, it's amazing what's out there for you to create!  The invitations were made from Stretch Your Imagination.  I cut the carriage from My Time Made Easy's Bouncing Baby Buggy.  We used these as center pieces, and filled with different candies.  But a perfect little touch for a baby shower. 


Juls said...

wow weeeee all of these are just gorgeous!!! Hugs juls

debbies said...

Oh my Anna!!! This is so adorable and how the story made me giggle! LOL

Tammi said...

LOL, love it, thanks for sharing! Didn't know you watched the Bachelor! Are you watching the Bachelorette this season, Ash is driving me crazy, along with the guy she "thinks" she's in love with. Ugh! Anyway, love the adorable "undercarrigage" theme! :)