Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Momma Bragging Moment!

Okay, so my youngest turned 9 yesterday!  Yikes! 
Where does time go?!  Lately mine has been going to the ball fields.  Trey made it on the Smithfield All Stars this year in coach pitch little league, and they are rocking it out!  They played in a tournament this weekend, came in second yesterday.  Two weekends ago they played against 23 teams in a tournament, and came in first place!  You can read an article about it here!  Trey is the first boy on the left in the second row!  This was the trophy for the whole team for getting first place two weeks ago. I have never jumped up and down so much!  We were so excited about their win, and were excited to know they got second, but for them to win two games against the number one team take first place was unbelievable!  I swear, those little boys amaze me with the plays they make!

Because they came in first they get to go to NC for a Super Regional tournament!  How exciting is that?!   I hope they play well, but either way, something to be super proud of years from now!


debbies said...

How exciting for Trey and his team!
You should brag-that is not an easy thing to accomplish. CONGRATS!

Tammi said...

That's awesome, congrats to him and the team! I miss those days of watching the boys play sports, now I'll be watching girls instead in a few years, can't wait! :)