Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cricut Gifts

I have been so busy crafting this Christmas.   I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Will catch up on blogs, because finally done with the holiday business!  Haven't had time to post to show what I've been up too.  Here's a peak at a few of the projects I have been working non-stop on.  I made name frames for the kids teachers and friends/family.  I loved how they turned out, but man, they did take some time.  I used my Sure Cuts A Lot program, and cut out my favorite new font, Too Much Paper from Kevin and Amanda.  I simply fell in love with it, and was so happy with how my little projects turned out.  I found a tip on line somewhere, can't remember where to give credit, that used cereal boxes for chipboard.  I went and grabbed all my cereal boxes and cut out the letters first from them, and than modgepodged the pattern paper over the cereal boxes.  It worked out perfectly with the Cricut. 

 Another thing I did to add a little special touch was to frost the glass with family on it.  I cut out vinyl, used the negative image, adhered it to the glass, and put the etching cream over it.  I used the actual part for a two other frames, when I had run out time to cut more vinyl negative sections, and time to etch them.  So many steps in the projects, but I did love my finished work.  The Family was a soft effect, which was what I was after.  I thought I had more photos of the ones with the etched glass, but can't seem to locate them.  I will have to snap a photo of the one I made for my neighbors. 

Great thing about this gift was it was personalized for each person, inexpensive to make, since I had all the paper supplies on hand already, and they turned out so nicely.  I found the frames at Walmart.  They had a few different styles in that size frame.

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debbies said...

Omgoodness how cute! Wish I had thought to do something like this!