Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mrs. Day's Teacher Gift Book

Here is the other teacher gift I was working on this week. We made a questionnaire for Gabi's teacher, sent it home with the kids for them to fill out. Than they sent it back in with a photo. I went in on Friday to get hand prints from them, and turned those hand prints into an animal of some kind.
I didn't come up with idea on my own. A parent in Trey's class saw it at our local amusement park, and copied the idea. I saw the book, and thought it was darling, and had to make it for Gabi's teacher. The first graders had such funny answers for their teacher. The third graders were super smart and really knew their teacher well!
I was planning on using my bind it all to bind it, but couldn't get it to work well. I think my binding was too thin. But on top of that, I had an awful time matching up a letter size page. I had to bind 24 pages laminated pages. I heard the new pink one was easier for lining up like I needed to do today. Anyone have the pink one? I was planning to have ribbons all over the left side, and instead I had to tie it all together. Wasn't happy about part, but as I told Paul, the prize is inside. I just think it would have looked cuter with the wire binding, and ribbons. I may try to alter that part after we give her the book on Friday. I'd have to get some bigger rings to put on there.
The scissors are covering the children's photos, so not part of the final product! These are just a few of the animals we made. We also had a butterfly, a fish, and a turtle. I added the faces and stuff. Don't I do great artwork?! Looks just like something a third grader would make!
The cover was made with PTI's stamp set. The sentiment reads, To Teach is to touch the future. I went with greens because sage green was her teacher's favorite color. Greens are Wild Wasabi, garden green, and sage shadow. Naturally, had to top off the apples with some stickles.
I felt the heart print on the cover followed the theme in the book well, and the sentiment about touching the future was perfect with the hand prints as well. On top of that, the other moms are making a big tote bag, with her name engraved on it, and covered with the kids hand prints! Everything tied in so nicely!


Kim said...

Shut up - what a neat idea and such a sweet gift! My fav is the little elephant!

Sparkle said...

What a great idea! Their teach will love it.

Barb said...

What an awesome gift! It turned out great, Anna!