Monday, June 8, 2009

Wonderfully Sad Weekend

The dance recital went very well. Gabi did a fantastic job. I was so proud of her, and excited to watch her perform stuff she's been working on all year. She did 3 shows, and 8 routines. I wasn't able to get photos of all her costumes because in the third show they were all back to back quick changes. No time for photos. These photos are of her in the Swan Lake Ballet. Her class was the Russians. Her lime green outfit was her baton outfit. And the purple and black outfit was one of her group production pieces.
Paul's Mom and Step-Dad were able to come watch this year. This was the first time they were able to see her perform.

Than it was sad ending for us, because her favorite dance instructor is leaving the studio. Gabi's taking classes with her for 5 years, and they have such a sweet bond. She always makes her feel so special, and she does that with so many of the girls. She brought the studio to tears when the students had to say good bye. Gabi advoided all of that after the end of the show, but I took her by the hand before we left and told she knew what we had to do. Than she just burst into tears. Mrs. Chrissy just picked her up and gave her the longest hug and they both just cried. Brings tears to my eyes thinking about the gentle exchange between the two knowing the two just bring smiles to each other when they have class together. Than poor Gabi cried the whole way home, which was a good 45 minutes away. As a parent, I'm touched with how wonderful she made my child feel every time she came to class. I'm so grateful she had the time with Mrs. Chrissy that she had, and I'm so sad for Gabi that she won't get that any more with her. She has some sons Gabi's age, so I'm wishfully thinking maybe they'll meet and fall head of heals and get married later in life. Than she would have the perfect mother in law!


Tammi said...

Awww, that's too bad, at least she got to be with her for 5 years and I'm sure she'll always have special memories of her...sad! Cute pics of her, wow, she's been busy!

debbies said...

Awww Anna - you're making me misty-eyed. I just went through a similar situation last weekend. Gabi is gorgeous and what a sweet moment you witnessed!

Patti J. said...

Girl, shame on you! You have me diggin' for the tissues big time! How sad for your sweet Gabi. She is amazingly beautiful! Enjoy her! Thanks for sharing her photo's - she's so lovely! Brings back so many memories!

Kim said...

I love all of her costumes - especially the swan lake one!!! So makes me want to go to a dance recital again! You know I'm so sorry about her teacher :( Hope you got all of the trophies this morning. Sorry I was coughing in your ear. I've had a cough all weekend - that's why we went to Target to get medicine.

Danni said...

Sorry her teacher is leaving. They get so attached.
Wonderful photos!