Monday, August 16, 2010

Help me find a TAC Tutorial!

TAC demos, can't get into Paper Wings, says the password is wrong, but I can't figure out where to sign in to put in the right one. So, coming here cuz bloggers always have what ya need! I saw a blog that had a tutorial for Window Box Wonder. Where the back of the head is inside the card, and the girl is peaking out the window. They gave steps on how they made the window having her peaking thru it, and the inside with the back of her head. My MIL just ordered this set. She doesn't live local for me to sit down and show what I saw when I saw the blog. I meant to keep the link to send to her, but can't find it. If any of you know what I'm talking about, can you please send me the link?! Just wanted to send it to her, so she can see how they put the girl on the inside of the window. Thanks!


BlueRose said...

Hi, I'm a TAC Angel and I do remember seeing the post that you are describing. I will have to check back with ya because I can't remember which Angel posted either. My email is if you need to email me♥

debbies said...

I hope you find it Anna!