Monday, August 23, 2010

Modge Podge Projects.

I made these a few weeks ago, and have waited to put them up until one package made it's way to a friend. Those who know my sweet blogging friend, Kim, had a little girl. So, I made Charlotte some little blocks with her name. The front says her name, and the backside says Panda Bear. I love that nickname. It used to be a nickname I had in 7th grade becasue of my dark eyes, and dark hair. Had quite the collection of panda bears. So, I thought it was darling she called her that before they knew what they were having.
The top of it was decorated with flowers. A girl can never have too much bling, right? The paper was Nana's Nursery Glitter stack, so the papers had some glitter on it. I dusted the edges with Palette Bella Rose ink pad. Added buttons, charms I had from making a set for Gabi's 3rd grade teacher, scrappers floss, and prima flowers. Gotta say, those blocks are so much fun to make! I hope it's a special thing for Charlotte as she grows up too!
I found this wall hanging at Michael's dirt cheap. The paper was torn on one side. It was like 2 bucks, so I had to get it. I removed the handle, flower, and redid the papers. I couldn't make up my mind if i wanted it for my bathroom, hall bath and Gabi's room. It sat for a few weeks before I figured out I wanted to make it for Gabi's room. Years ago I did her name, so used the same papers I did her name letters in. That way it was a perfect match for her room.

The girl loves her bling, so added some bling flourishes I've been hoarding, a butterfly on clearance at Michael's and some ribbon! All in all, great cheap project! Gabi loved it, and I enjoyed making it. It started out looking like the photo to the right. The flower was attached by wire. So, I removed it. I left it alone, because it still matched the paper well. My friend found one later with a lavendar flower. I liked that flower a lot better, but it wasn't two bucks!
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debbies said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this gift for Kim!!!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

These are very cute!

Michelle said...

Oh such sweet projects. I'm sure Kim loved the blocks...they are adorable! And that wall hanging is super sweet - and a steal of a price too :)

Katie said...

such cute projects!!!

Kim said...

You know we loved the blocks!!!!!! You did such a good job with them and I love that you included our nickname for her too. That worked out perfectly! We have them sitting on our entertainment center and everyone that stops by admires them. Thank you so much! Love the wall hangings too.