Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Day Of School.

Been scrapping again. Catching up! Both of these layouts come from Jeanette Lynton's books, Cherish and Image. I can really never say this enough, these books give me such a great starting place with wonderful sketches, and I love how the pages look when I done.
I used my cricut to cut out the titles and accents on the pages. Gabi's cartridges are Forever Young, a complete favorite of mine. Everything but the title was cut out from this cartridge on Gabi's page. Thought she looked sassy striking some poses.
I cut each girl at 5, and the purse is cut at 2.5. Not sure if this is useful for anyone, but if you're using your gypsy, if you know the size you're cutting at than you can select to have layers cut at the same size.
Tip: If you're cutting out more than one image at a time, such as my girls, shadowing of the purse and boots were cut at one time on black cardstock, but in different sizes, you may want to write down the size you're cutting each image.
Really cool feature that the gypsy has, that I haven't found on the Design Studio, is the keep in proportion feature. That means that as long as you know one measurement, it'll keep it all proportion when you change one number. If you haven't clicked on chain, than it can distort your image.
Make sure you've clicked on the little chain link button between width and height on the basic screen. It will show up in yellow when it's been selected. With that clicked, you can type in 5 inches in height, and it'll make the width the correct number for keeping in proportion to the original shape of the image.

Don't panic thinking that it's gonna cut out layers to 5 inches. It cuts them perfectly for layering of the image at five inches. Such as with the girls, the dress is cut to five inch model, but it's not actually five inches. You'll get perfect layers as long as you keep the proportions selected, and know the size you're cutting your image at.
Trey's little boy and dog were cut from the Every Day Paper Dolls cartridge. Both of the kids' titles were cut from Locker Talk. Those were pre-made features on the cartridge. His little model has a skateboard cut out and on the shirt, but its really hard to see it. The dog has a little scarf on it's neck.
Supplies: DCVW cardstock, Gypsy, Cricut, Everyday Paper Dolls, Forever Young, Locker Talk cartridges, DCWV Spring stack.

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debbies said...

Can I come to your house and watch you using the Cricut? Seriously these pages are fabulous and I still haven't used my Gypsy yet.