Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chirping Owls. Using the Cricut for school.

Gabi had a book report due and had to have visual aids a few months back.  She did the report on the "Guardians Of Gahool".  Good books, if you haven't read them them, or if your kids haven't.  She enjoyed the book, and read the next one right away.  In order to get her visual aids I pulled out my cricut,  

We felt like Popsicle sticks would be perfect for making hand puppets of the main characters.  (Tip...I pulled out the sticks from the vinyl packages for the cricut.) I borrowed the Create a Critter cartridge from my neighbor.   From there I cut out the same image four times, layered it up each time as well.  I tried to shape the owls different, since they were all different in the story.  She directed me on what color card stocks to use.  She added touches for the wings using white ink pen, stickles, shimmerz, and such to add more depth and differences to her creations.  Always amazes me what the cricut can be used for, and love that she went in feeling like a rock star with her little owl puppets. 


Karen Wilson said...

These are awesome and super cute!

debbies said...

Whooooo loves this!!!! ME How stinkin' cute are those owls and may I say that's a pretty sweet tv set up in the background.
Gabi is so grown up!!!

Liz's creative corner said...

Aw these are so cute! hugs Liz xx