Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mmmm and Birthday surprises!

Tinkering with the blog. Trying to figure out what I want for the blog photo. The one I had wasn't matching the newer colors, and I'm not sure which part I like better. I'm a hands on paper crafter, so I like the idea of the scraps of paper, so I'll probably keep playing some more. I love the little skunk in the tub, and it was an image left over from when I played a few weeks back. I just realize I forgot glitter on her! She's from a set in the new TAC book called "Serendipity", so far it's getting great reviews! Some cute sets in there.
I snapped that photo of my crazy family during a day outing this weekend. My husband had to make a funny face, and the kids had to follow suit, and I had to snap the photo! Makes me smile! I just love my family! We hiked up to see a pretty waterfall. I tried to get my camera setting to slow the water down so it looked all white and soft, but I couldn't figure it out. Maybe next time.

Anyhow, yesterday was my birthday, and I want to give a quick thank you to some friends. I came home to some happy mail from being out of town. Two friends sent me a BUNCH of fun new images to play with! There's even a few that you can't see in the photo under some of the other images. I was so excited when I opened up their little packages! Made my day! One friend was sweet enough to enclose a clear stamp set for me! How cool are my friends?! I can't wait to color these things! A few images I already have an idea who I want to give the finished products too!
Big thanks for those who sent birthday cards. I have them sitting on my mantel all pretty! Makes me smile to see them, and I love how each of you is such a creative, talented artist!


Kim said...

Oh wow, that waterfall pic is pretty! I like the funny face one too - I see Gabi carrying her American Girl doll :) Can't wait to see what you make with all of those images!!!

Tammi said...

Lots of fun goodies, looking forward to what you make with them! Cute and fun pic of the family and I LOVE waterfalls, pretty picture!! Where's the snow?? LOL That's what I've been in the last few days! :)