Friday, January 9, 2009

Rocking day

I gotta post this quickly. I had two cool things happen today! I went shopping at Sams today, needed juice boxes for the kids. I found the 'Steal of the year!' there today! I was getting congratulated by MEN on my find today! The male managers at my local Sams were telling me how great of a deal it was! So, ya know that's pretty cool, right? Men never pay attention to things like that! Anyhow, I never go to this one little nook, but I did, and found a Dyson sitting over there. Quick glance it was originally 487.86 bucks. Normal for a Dyson, I know. Hubby told me I'd never own one! So, I'm looking at it because it's marked next to that number with 94.06! I look it over. I look it over again. Has it been used? Was it returned by someone? What's the deal? Is that the right sticker? Cuz dudes, that says 94.06! I ask a team member walking by. She scans it, says it's a floor model, and last one! SCORE for me! I grabbed that sucker up! I knew Paul would kill me, but dudes, that's too good of a deal to pass up! LOL!
Than second cool thing! I came home to my TAC order of new release stamps. So, I'll play soon! Man, the new butterfly set looks so pretty. I love the umbrella set, too! I'll post some after I get to playing around. Nothing like new stamps!


Jane said...

Holy cannoli!
That was a good deal!!! A steal in fact!!!!

Tammi said...

Woohoo Anna, is your middle name Amanda?? ;) LOL, great deal!! And yay on the new stamps!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!!!! What a deal Anna!!!!
Can't wait to see your sneak peeks!
LOSTie Debbie