Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing with vinyl.

I read Eat, Pray, Love last year, and fell in love with two sayings in Italian the author talked about in her book. One was the art of doing nothing, and the second was the art of making something from nothing. I had a vision to put the art of doing nothing above my bed, with shadow flowers behind it. I hadn't found a flower in sgv form or on a cricut cartridge that I loved yet, so the vision was stuck on my Sure Cuts A Lot mat. Than I found a set of vinyl art flowers at Target on clearance, for 3.24. Grabbed them, cuz at that price, I'm sure I'd find some place for them. Well, they matched the comforter nicely, I liked them, so that finally took care of that issue.

I was buying some strawberry plants today at Lowes, and went to peak at the molding they sold. Grabbed two 8 foot sections of a molding I liked, and cut it with my miter saw. Leveled it up on my wall, added the flowers, than attached the bottom leg of the frame to hide the edges from the vinyl flowers. Than I added the sentiment I designed. I used Brock Script font and cut it out with Sure Cuts A Lot, and the butterflies are from Lauren M's, Flutters and Flowers svg file. The frame measures 4 feet by 2.5 feet.

Looking at the photo, I need to lower the l, n, and other l in bel. I went cheap and didn't use transfere tape, and put them on like a sticker. It can be removed, so I can adjust the letters still. I think I'm most pleased that I did the whole project myself, from buying the molding, cutting it at the right angles/length, putting it on the wall using a level, and centering it above my bed.


debbies said...

WOW Anna this is fabulous!!!! What a great project and story behind it. I almost bought vinyl yesterday but passed on it.

Tammi said...

Oh that's a neat idea, turned out beautiful!