Friday, April 29, 2011

Vinyl Cups.

Okay, saw these on a few blogs recently surfing cricut stuff. Totally unrelated, but how cool there's a new Expression out there?! Good gravy, I love my cricut! And think that's cool there's new version, not that I'll be getting it any time soon, but still super cool, right?! I watched some of the videos of it, and love that it will cut out Imagine shapes from their cartridges too.

Back to my cups. I was giddy at the idea of making some. Went searching around on line, and some fellow sites for crafters. Finally saw that Walmart had some back in stock. Found plain ones at Target, but the price point was higher than I wanted to pay. (I'm cheap!) Walmart had some darling ones too. Gabi and I liked the red polka dotted cup. Thought it was perfect for Trey's teacher too, since the school colors are red and black. The next day, Trey had a double header near another Walmart, so I tried there. They had blue polka dots, solid blue, green/yellow polka dots and solid green. The blue dots were darling. That was ideal for Gabi's teacher, based on her love of turtles, and favorite colors are blue and green.

Thoughts of who I could make them for where going thru my head! I mean, how neat to personalize them. Teacher appreciation is coming up, so how perfect as little gifts for the kids teachers. Than I wanted one myself and the kids. Some of you may not know this, but I heart the word DUDE. I say it to everyone at the kids school, and drive Trey nuts with it. The kids at his school call me Ms. Dude. I simply love the word. That meant it was going on my cup!

I designed the vinyl using the gypsy, and several different cartridges. I used Plantin School Book for the teachers' last names. The crown on King is from Gypsy Wandering. Joanne/Angela were designed with Calligraphy Collection. The swirls are from Cindy Lou on Mrs. King's cup. The Baseball cup is designed from Baseball. I can't remember what cartridge my butterfly, and font are from. The welding features are wonderful for making words, and welded each of the names. The baseball was a predesigned sentiment from the baseball cartridge.

Now, don't ya just want to go create some yourself?!


debbies said...

Ummm yeah they're cute!!!!!!!!! What a great idea Anna and there are so many possibilities.

Tammi said...

These are awesome, I love that they call you Ms. Dude!! Perfect!