Monday, March 2, 2009

Funky night with a snow day!

Last night the news was all about the snow heading up from the south. We were watching to see if it was actually, seriously gonna get near us. They called for a major snow storm back in Jan, and it never happened! Funny thing was the news was all hyped up about it that they called off schools to have nothing land on the ground in the form of snow! Well, at ten-ish last night we lost power. House went dark!
I'm not the most organized person, and the kids tend to grab flash lights. Paul and I spent 20/30 minutes looking for flashlights or matches with our cell phones! Such a funny sight! He had left the lighter stick outside, so it was wet from all the rain yesterday. I haven't had matches in the house in the longest time, so there was a small shot of us having them, and them being in the junk drawer.
Yea, that was fun going thru with a cell phone! I didn't find any. Paul found a flashlight in the garage. At some point he passed it off to me, and I found a pack of matches in the junk drawer, and we had light again via candles. But I was right in the middle of Brothers and Sisters, and I have no idea what happened to Hottie Rob! I hope they didn't kill him off! So, we passed the time playing Phase 10 until I was ready for bed. Hard to sleep without my white noise making fan! Power stayed off until 9 this morning. Coarse I was all worried about waking up, and making sure we made it to school on time, and Paul was concerned about the openers at the restaurant, so he was set to get up to be at CFA by 5. Neither of us slept well. Image trying to find out if you have school with snow on the ground and no power! Can't watch the local news, and the phones are connected by powercords too! Paul ended up calling me from Chick-fil-A, so I had him look it up on line there! LOL!

Kids where exited when they woke up to the snow! It's was that fun, wet, fluffy kind of snow too! The trees looked so pretty! First snow all season, will surely be the last one this season, and for the year. Note Trey's 'snowball' he made! That boy is full of tall stories! I need to write these down and make a book out of it when he's older! Hope you enjoyed the lovely photos of our adventure today! Gabi had to make a snow angel. That's her favorite thing to do when it snows outside. And one kitty was brave enough to venture into the snow. Miss Blondie! I swear, that cat is part dog! She was out about the entire time the kids were. Thankfully, the county made the call today to open later tomorrow, so they don't have to be at school until after ten! That'll be nice for Momma! Coarse, I'm already trying to figure out how I'm gonna get these two to blend on a scrapbook! Trey's got red and orange and Gabi's decked in pink, with a splash of purple! Sheesh! That's gonna be an interesting scrapbook page!


Cathy said...


I'm afraid we sent the snow to your house!!! I live just north of Memphis, TN and we got a little over 10 inches!!!It was crazy!! Ours was beautiful too. Fluffy and very, very cold!! Your kids look like they are having a blast!!

Have a great evening!

Smiles, Cathy

Tammi said...

Wow, look at that big snowball, too funny that it snowed there and it was 60+ degrees here, we were outside doing yard work!! Enjoy your bit of snow!! :)

Michelle said...

We got snow on Saturday but we didn't have near the adventure you did! Glad you were able to find matches with the cell phones!!

Kim said...

I'm giggling at that thought of y'all searching for matches with your cell phones, LOL. You got some great pics. I have Brothers & Sisters recorded, I'll let ya know :)