Thursday, November 27, 2008


I grabbed the latest Amy Grant Christmas CD about a week ago. On there she has a new song that talks about counting your blessings instead of sheep when you're worried. We've had a few interesting challenges this year, and as the year comes to a close, it's ending on a very positive note. Anyhow, the song kinda feels like the Sound of Music's Favorite Things song. She has a lot of old favorite songs on there, and a few new ones, one about unwrapping hubby on Christmas Eve night and giving him a few of his favorite things! LOL!
I have two little blessings, not that I always think about them that way! Goodness, they can wear ya out fighting! Sometimes it's so easy to get wrapped up in making sure they're doing this right or that right that you forget about just enjoying them while they're small. My adventure to capture some photos today started because I want to make a Thanksgiving scrapbook page. I've never made one. I have such cute papers in the DCWV Fall slab pack, and have never taken photos of turkey day. Plus, I have a way cute stamp set from TAC for Thanksgiving. Now, I'm set on photos. I took the kids to the local park for a photo session. I came away with a lot of fun photos of my blessings today. I think I even have the Christmas photograph for the Christmas card! That'll save me some grief with them! I even took a few of them jumping off the bench. Man, was that fun! They had a good time with those! Our neighbors came over and joined us for dinner.

On top of it being Turkey day, today is Gabi's 9th birthday. So, she's a double blessing today. She helped plan our meal, which had country fried chicken as part of our menu. I even made her a pie! I never cook things from scratch, but I did! Well, the pudding came from a box, but I still got the pudding that had to be cooked, not the instant, so that counts for something! I did it just for her. And for the selfish fact that a birthday cake seemed really odd for desert on Turkey day. Here she is with two of her gifts, a matching set of PJ's for her and her American Girl doll Nicki. So, they match when they go to bed now! She was excited when she saw that! And was gleeful when she saw her new My Littlest Pet Shop work out club house!
Happy Blessings to everyone!


Kim said...

You definitely have some adorable blessings and you captured some great photos of them! Happy bday to Gabi. I love her little American Girl doll!

Tammi said...

Looks like a fun day, lots of great pictures, I love the matching pj's that's really cute! And woohoo on making the pie!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Thanks for sharing your post. Your pics look great and the kids looked like they were having lots of fun.

Happy Belated Birthday Blessings to your daughter, Gabi.