Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gabi's birthday favors

For Gabi's birthday party attendees, I made them glitter body spray and body powder. I had a bunch of shimmer body stuff sitting around, and mixed it into other stuff for her little friends. I found two small plastic cups for a dollar at Target, and a spray bottle for a buck. For the body powder, I used baby powder, added all the shimmery stuff, and scooped it into the cups. I topped it off with the scalloped circle Hero's Art cupcake stamp that I used for her birthday invite.
The spray body wash was harder to decorate, as ribbon and labels wouldn't go around the bottle well. So, I hot glued them on there. For the body wash, I used distilled water, glycerin, vanilla extract for scent, shimmery powders, glitter, and a little coloring. The girls all loved them! I warned the moms about it when I handed them out. I could see powder all over, shimmering in the lights on carpet and tables!
I had a hard time photographing the powder, to let the shimmer and sparkle shine thru. This was the best photo I got. Doesn't the body spray look perfect for a bunch of 8 year old girls?! I even stamped clear bags with the cupcake stamps, and Palette ink pads.


Tammi said...

OMGosh can I come over!! How fun for the girls, that's totally awesome!

Colleen Wold said... saved one for me, right? ;) LOL! These are so freakin' cute! What a fabulous idea for a bunch of 8 year old girls!

Jane said...

Oh wow! How cute, and what a GREAT idea! Nice work on these!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I want to be at that party!!!! Great job Anna!
LOSTie Debbie