Monday, November 17, 2008

Wiggle jiggle, baby.

A few days ago, Trey fell and hit his tooth on the water nozzle outside. Not sure how he managed to hit one tooth, no busted lip or anything, just hit his tooth. Knocked that baby tooth loose. The funniest part of the story is the fact that he has an adult tooth growing behind the baby tooth next to the one he hit. That sucker won't come loose for the life of me. So, I mean, seriously, you had to hit the tooth next to the tooth that the dentist is gonna have to pull out? Can't ya help your cheap momma out, and knock out the tooth in front of that adult tooth?! They're right next door to each other! Well, he was all excited about finally having a lose tooth. He's six, and so many of his friends are toothless wonders. His sister lost her first tooth in preschool. She was barely five. Anyhow, I got to school today for pickup, and he's like spinning the sucker around in his mouth. UGH! This is one part of motherhood I can't handle. That wiggle jiggle feeling of a loose tooth icks me out to no end. So, I can't touch it or pull it, because it's makes me squirmy! After an hour of playing with it with his tongue, it came out, with no help from mom! Thank goodness! So, now he has officially lost his first tooth! He wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if he could keep it. Wants to show it off for show and tell.
This last photo is awful. The tooth wouldn't show up in the shot. I love the expression on his face, so I had to show it off. My little chap finally lost his first tooth! Growing up!


Tammi said...

Wow, I guess he just liked the teeth he had, if he's keeping them so long! lol Great pics of him, cute he wants to show off his tooth. :)

Jane said...

So funny pics!
Loosing the first tooth is always exciting!

Kiss kiss

Kim said...

LOL, you crack me up. Help cheap mama out :) I bet he is super excited today. Glad you didn't have to pull the wiggly jiggly tooth out!