Thursday, November 6, 2008

Graceful Fall

Today was Trey's field trip. His class went to a local state park to learn about seeds, and farm life 100 years ago. This is him trying butter. They made it fresh in a little jar. Than the park director smeared it on crackers for all the children to try.

I saw some lovely sites while I was out there. I snapped photos of these flowers by the learning center. It was a touch gloomy when we first arrived. The rain held off allowing for a nature walk for myself after the kids headed back to school.

I haven't done something like that in years. I used to love going to a local park before kids. Somehow, quiet walks under fallen leaves doesn't happen with little people under foot yelling! I really enjoyed the walk. It was just me, for about an hour, walking down a path covered with fallen leaves. I had a river to my right, and crickets chirping to my left.

Two years ago, Gabi had a field trip here. I saw a bridge, and had fallen in love with it. I thought it would be a beautiful place to take photos of, or have the kids stand on it. I had no kids with me, but my journey with the trees today started because I wanted to snap some photos of that bridge. So, here's the bridge.

Isn't it beautiful? I just found it so charming so many years ago! Can't you just picture it covered in snow? Not that we see much snow here. Or Spring flowers blooming near by it?

Than on my way back from the walk, I found something I had missed
the first time. There sitting on a small branch, not too high up on the tree was a bird's nest. It was just right there! I couldn't believe it.

This park is all about nature, as you can see some of the trees are huge and untouched by man. So, it was neat to see a bird's nest so close to see.
It turned out to be such a lovely day to take a stroll thru the trees. I felt so refreshed from the busy Sept and Oct I've had. Only to get thru it, to realize it's time to get ready for the holiday madness! It's November already!
To top of such a lovely day, Gabi's report card came home. She made A/B Honor Roll at school! This is her first time for real grades! She had two A's and two B's! I was so happy for her, and she was way proud of herself!


Tammi said...

Wow Anna, those pictures are gorgeous!!! I love the trees/leaves and the bridge one, so pretty!! And yes I can imagine snow on it, lol! What a great field trip for the kids, Trey looks like he's enjoying it...and it's always great for them to learn how things were done back then.

Kim said...

Wow you got some great photos!! I love the path with the fallen leaves on it! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy a peaceful walk and take in the scenery. Looks like Trey had a fun time.