Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moo, CFA!

I worked feverishly last night on making gift cards for the teachers last night. Why do I leave things for the last minute? I was planning on making these all week! Waited til the day before I'm handing them out!

Than, ever have one of those crafting days where you know what you want to do, but something keeps it from being a smooth process? I have made these before, love making them, but man, it wasn't easy last night. From the start I messed up by cutting my carstock wrong!
These are made for holding gift cards. I fill them with a few Be Our Guest cards, BOG's from CFA, for a free sandwich or meal, depending on the BOG coupon. (My husband has a CFA.) These coupons are the size of a business card, and thick carstock. So, they work wonderfully inside of the pocket.
I went for my high quality cardstock, and grabbed my PTI cardstock. I do not recommend using this paper for this project. It's super thick, great paper, but too thick when doubled for the punching of the centers with the word punch window and circle punch, and even harder when I layered on top of that with more papers, I couldn't even get the nesties to cut thru. That caused some issues for me. Than make sure you use the thin the red tape, because the thicker takes up some space inside where the gift cards go, and that made them stick too far out. But you can find a tutorial on SCS, TLC165. Great project, fun, easy, usually anyways, and wonderful way to give a gift card. I made five last night, was planning on making six, but all the little bumps, made it so I couldn't. I couldn't even really concentrate on Lost because I was so involved with them! It was all worth it though, because all the teachers who the kids gave one too, where super happy to get them, and I had waves of compliments from them this morning.
The inside sentiment is from PTI's Teacher set, and says we appreciate you. It also fits so perfectly in the word punch window! I love to use TAC's An'Udder Birthday because CFA has it's way fun cows that tell you to eat more chicken, so that set is perfect to put on the front of the gift card.
Other supplies: Scrappers floss, stickes, nesties, DCWV spring stack, TAC Uptown Girl, felt flowers-found at Rachel's store, buck fifty, scor-pal, TAC retired paper line, lyra water color crayons.


Kim said...

Your title made me giggle :) Sorry they didn't come together smoothly - that happens to me constantly! They turned out great though and make such cute gc holders! Love that cow and the papers you used. Ross wanted me to let you know that the Greater Austin area has been giving out free breakfast all week and he definitely approves of those chicken minis :)

Sparkle said...

What a great image to match, lol. The cow with the sign cracks me up. They all turned out lovely.

Tammi said...

WHAT!! You mean you weren't GLUED to that tv last night, especially when they were beating up on Sawyer!! *eyes wide* heehee... sorry you had so many problems, but they turned out great!! CUTE!

Michelle said...

Sorry that you ran into bumps but they all look wonderful and it sounds like the teachers loved them. Waiting to the last minute is usually a have to because as mom's we have so much that we have to do. You made the "deadline" and all is well. :o)

Helen Dooley said...

Really great cards and idea. I'm sure they really loved them. The gift cards were great too. Good idea.