Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick few photos and Trey story.

I got some photos in the other day from Trey's baseball photos, and spring school photos. I'm not posting Trey's school photo, because I have his Tball photo. The guy who does the photography for the tball league takes them of the coaches too for free. So, they took a photo of Trey and Paul. Such a sweet photo. I'm looking forward to scrapping it. Paul had a few call outs at the restaurant, so he had to skip the game that week, but stayed long enough for the photos. So, he's wearing dress shoes, and slackes in the photo. I was so worked up over Trey's smile, or lack of in his photo, that I didn't notice the pants in this photo! How cute is it that one leg is higher than the other. In his individual photo, he's bitting his bottom lip, instead of smiling! I so wanted an open mouth smile to show his growing in teeth!

Gabi just looks so much older to me in this photo. It's a lovely photo of her. Just amazed me at how much older she seemed in the picture. Hopefully, time permitting, I'll get a Flutterby card done today. It's a busy night, Gabi's got dance, followed by a meeting at her new school for next year, and than Lost! Our current school only goes to third grade, so it's her last year there. So sad, because I love her school!

Now to my story. Last night was the first grade PTA performance. Trey was some how selected to have a speaking part. He's a very quiet kid in school, and teachers often complain they can't get him to talk to them. Naturally, I was shocked to hear he had a speaking part. Than I figured it was a lot of kids in his grade. Discovered it was only 10 kids who had speaking parts. Now, I have no idea what to expect from him, but my guess was we wouldn't hear a peep from him! I was commenting to friends how we had no idea what was gonna happen when he went up to talk. Let me tell you, I was floored when he spoke, because he was so loud in the mike, it caught me off guard! My jaw dropped! My neighbor was sitting by me, and went, well, he wasn't quiet tonight! Even his teacher commented when we went to get him how surprised she was, because she was expecting it to be worse with him in front of everyone. I was so proud of him, because I know that had to be very hard for him, but he came thru LOUD and clear! LOL!


Michelle said...

Anna, Gabi & Trey are so precious. What great photos of them!! Scrapping those will be fun! So glad to hear that Trey did great at his PTA Performance...I get so nervous talking in front of crowds so it's a great accomplishment for him!!!

Kim said...

What a great photo of your two guys together. Funny about the pants and dress shoes - he looks like a manager or agent, LOL. That is a super sweet photo of Gabi. I'm so shocked that she is wearing pink ;)

Tammi said...

Oh wow, Gabi is getting to be quite the young lady, wonderful pics...yes, love that he's showing a bit more sock on one leg, just so cute!!! And I know all about those quiet ones...and how they can be so different doing certain things, glad he could surprise you. :) Enjoy Lost, I can't wait...27 minutes!!