Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay, today was like totally rocking mail day! I must have said OMG! Like 50 times in 10 seconds! My Whiff of Joy spring set came today! OMG!!! If you ordered it, HOLY HECK! It stinking ROCKS!!!!!! It is beyond darling! I'm thinking the kids year book is so not getting done any time soon! LOL! Wow!

Than I ordered some stuff from Queen and Co, one of my fav places for brads and stuff. They had buy one get one, so lots of stuff there!

Than I started chatting with a sweet lady in England, and we traded some images. Or should I say I traded some images, and she flat out spoiled me rotten! She sent me more than "some images", some darling ribbon, two cute stamps, and paper to match! What a sweet heart! And the images she sent are all so sweet and darling! Thanks a ton, you shouldn't have, Linda!


Tammi said...

WOOOHHOOO, lots of happy mail, that's awesome Anna! Ok, I'm really going to go in my room now and STAMP!! :)

Anonymous said...

EEKKK - mine isn't here yet, but now I'm super excited after reading your post!
LOSTie Debbie

Michelle said...

Wow sounds like an awesome mail day! Lots of fun stuff! I wanted to ask you a question but couldn't find an email. WOuld you please eamil me (made4ubymichelle@gmail.com) as I wanted to ask you about Whiff Of Joy and the spring set. I'd really appreciate it!!